Membership and Benefits
Whether you're a current member or are new to the organization, our goal is to provide the best in Oracle conferences and publications to assist you in your use of Oracle and Oracle-related products and services.

The MOUG offers two types of memberships, individual and corporate. All memberships are for a calendar year.

Individual memberships are non-transferrable. They cannot be reassigned to another person during the year. If an employee changes jobs, the membership stays with that person.

Corporate memberships are only sold in units of 3. The price per person is the same as for individuals. However, corporate memberships can be reassigned during the year and always stay with the organizaition. It's possible, for example, to send 3 employees to the first regional meeting of the year (and apply the member's discount), then send 3 different people to the second meeting and continue to take the discount.

You will be pleased to know that MOUG has not raised the membership rates since 1997. The rates are $20.00 (individual) and $60.00 (corporate).

In fact, we're offering an additional discount this year. Include your E-mail address with your application, and receive an instant savings of $5.00 per person for individual and corporate memberships.

Benefits of Membership

  • $15 fee reduction at MOUG meetings (2 per year)
  • The right to vote for MOUG officers (the fall of even-numbered years)

Nonmembers are always welcome at all Midwest Region events. Please contact the MOUG Secretary for membership information or download a PDF version of the membership form.